It’s been a minute since I submitted.

I have made some pretty drastic changes in my photography goals in someone’s style I wouldn’t say it’s really all that different but more leaning into the me up at all I guess.

Figured it was time to test the waters with some new work. Work that is truly what I wanna be creating. Work that is truly me.

Submit? What?

OK, let’s back it up portrait masters is an award an accreditation program. Twice yearly you have D opportunity to submit your images are scored. Based on the scores you can earn points to where you can earn an accreditation. They’re various categories and the top 20 in each category is recognized and awards giving to number one in each as well as an all-around winner chosen from the number one winners of each category.

I submitted to creative portrait and children’s portrait. Three total - And all three appeared in the top 20 and earned a Silver.

Not so shabby.

Just a little boost to the ego to keep me going.

You can find the galleries here :

My Portrait Masters Results

My Portrait Masters Results

March 2022 Results